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A Toast to Design at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, CO

This past weekend, the Z Group Architecture & Interior Design team stepped away from our desks and job sites to saunter through the bustling Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, CO. This annual event is a confluence of gastronomy and viniculture - a consistent reflection of our belief that life, like good design, is to be savored.

Among our team in attendance were Seth Hmielowski and Scott McHale, who had the pleasure of meeting the dynamic Tiffany Capri Hainesworth, the first black woman to solely own a tequila brand, TCapri Tequila. It was an honor learning more about her story. You can read more about Tiffany in her profile by the Aspen Times.

Our team members weren't just limited to tequila, though. Both Melanie Noonan and Max Hemmy explored the realm of wines, while Jessye Ebbinghouse immersed herself in the world of beers. They engaged not only in tastings but also in discovering the backstory of each bottle - the skills and creativity that go into creating these exquisite flavors, a process much akin to the way we consider every detail in our architectural and interior designs.

Just as every wine pairs well with a specific dish, every client story pairs with a unique design journey. And it is uncovering and bringing to life these "pairings" that inspire our work at Z Group. Our attendance at the Food & Wine Classic is emblematic of our passion for gathering experiences and narratives that help shape the structures we design, aligning with our manifesto, "For three generations, we've helped people infuse their dreams, stories, and legacies into the structures that surround them."

Our experiences at the Food & Wine Classic also served as an opportunity to reflect on some of our favorite design projects — the creation of wine rooms and bars within entertainment spaces. These unique areas, always brimming with conviviality and warmth, become an extension of our clients' hospitality and taste.

Much like crafting a fine wine, designing these specialty spaces requires a delicate blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and personalization. We aim to capture the essence of our clients in these areas, creating memorable spaces where stories unfold and connections deepen.

Wine rooms in our designs are not merely storage, but gateways to the world of viticulture, offering a stage for the cherished vintages to shine. From temperature-controlled wine cellars that showcase prized collections, to chilled wine racks that provide the perfect selection for a dinner party at a moment's notice — we bring dreams to reality.

Similarly, our bespoke bar designs in entertainment spaces serve as focal points for social gatherings. Whether it's a sleek, modern countertop displaying top-shelf liquors, or a cozy, rustic nook hosting craft beers — the bars we design reflect the character of the host while delivering on the promise of a good time.

Peek into our portfolio through the gallery below and explore the wine rooms and bars we have had the pleasure of bringing to life. These spaces, much like the firms' ethos, harmonize architecture with the amicability of a well-hosted gathering, thereby becoming a toast to our clients' individuality and refinement.

Inspired and flavorfully recharged for the Food & Wine Classic, the Z Group team is ready to leverage this enriching experience, integrating the zest of life into our designs. Because we firmly believe that just as a good wine needs time to mature, good design needs time and ingenuity to manifest into structures that don't just please the eyes but also stand the test of time, much like the legacy of Z Group Architecture & Interior Design.

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