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Shadow Mountain Residence

Aspen, Colorado


Single-Family Residence

Single, South 7th Street: Text
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Single, South 7th Street: Projects


Nestled at the base of Aspen's majestic Shadow Mountain, this extraordinary 8,240 square foot tri-level residence is a testament to the exquisite architectural craftsmanship and collaboration between Z Group Architecture & Interior Design and our dedicated team. Drawing inspiration from its dramatic namesake, the home is a harmonious blend of captivating architectural details and a tranquil connection with the surrounding nature.

As you enter Shadow Mountain Residence, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors flood the home with natural light, immersing you in the stunning vistas at every corner. The cleverly designed butterfly roofline frames the adjacent peak, providing breathtaking views from the dining room windows, primary suite's bath, upstairs guest room, and den. This design choice seamlessly integrates the beauty of the external environment into the rhythms of everyday life.

This inviting and unique home has been meticulously crafted to cater to the desires of the homeowner. Featuring spacious bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, media rooms, spa, and gathering spaces, every aspect of the design guarantees comfort, luxury, and relaxation. What truly sets this home apart is our unique approach to storytelling. Through thoughtful material selection, exquisite finishes, and intentional design choices, we seamlessly weave the dreams, stories, and legacies of the homeowners into every corner of the home. The result is a sanctuary that reflects their personal narrative and creates a beautiful living experience.

Beyond the stunning aesthetics of the home, our commitment to creating a tranquil connection with nature is evident throughout. From the honed and smooth textures of limestone on the exterior, which mirror the striation of the natural surroundings, to the seamless access to outdoor spaces and the careful consideration of how the home interacts with the environment, Shadow Mountain Residence invites a harmonious coexistence with the stunning Aspen landscape.

We believe that every home should be a reflection of the homeowner's dreams and desires, a space that tells their unique story and leaves a lasting legacy. We are passionate about collaborating with homeowners to create bespoke architectural masterpieces that capture the essence of their vision. Shadow Mountain Residence is a testament to that passion and the transformative power of exceptional design and collaboration.


8,240 square feet on 0.689 acres
2 stories
open floor plan
butterfly roof
7 bedrooms, including 1 bunk room
7 bathrooms / 1 powder room
entertainment room
wine room
gym / fitness / pickleball court
pool / spa / sauna
2 balcony decks
2 patios
outdoors spaces include basement walkout to pool


Civil Engineering: Roaring Fork Engineering

Structural Engineering: Albright Structural Engineers

MEP Engineering: Horn Engineers

Surveyor: Peak Survey

Construction: Aspen Snowmass Construction

Interior Design: Aman & Meeks Interior Design

Landscape Architect: Connect One Design

Lighting: LS Lighting Design

Pool: Colorado Pool Designs, Timberline installation

Solar: SunSense 

Technology Integration: Stratus Group

Cabinets: Ellis Designs

Windows and Doors: Pacific Mill Works and Reveal Windows and Doors

Limestone: Materials Marketing Architectural Design

Single, South 7th Street: Pro Gallery
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