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The ML List: Top Mountain Architects 2022

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Our guide to the best in the West

January 13, 2022 ML Staff

The 2022 ML List, compiled by the editors of Mountain Living, is different from past years.

We have broken the list into two parts: you will find our list of Top Mountain Architects here.

Interior Designers will have their own list appearing in the M/J 2022 issue. As the number of interior designers and architects working in the Rocky Mountain West has grown, so has the number of firms on the list. So we felt it was important to create two lists to give them the attention they deserve.

These architects in mountain territories have worked hard to become top in their professions, and we’ve taken note of their work, along with receiving recommendations from their clients, vendors, professional organizations and readers.

Keeping our readers in mind, we’ve organized the list to be user friendly. You’ll find architects listed by state and town; some architects have more than one office location, and we have listed only their main corporate location.

Those who were featured in Mountain Living during the past two years receive a special highlight that mentions their most recent projects in the magazine as of January/February 2022. Architects who have been featured during the past two years but are located in an area outside of Mountain Living’s territory are grouped together at the end of the list.

This year’s list is illustrated with a few of our favorite high-country spaces featured in the pages of Mountain Living over the past year.


Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs/Snowmass

Brewster McLeod Architects 970-544-0130

Charles Cunniffe Architects 970-925-5590 Legacy Award Winner Women in Architecture May/June 2020, page 39 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Erica Delak Sept./Oct. 2021, page 144 or 7 Powder Rooms With Pow: Refined by Design

CCY Architects 970-927-4925 March/April 2021, page 88 or Into the Woods: 4 Stunning Open Kitchens: Au Naturel Nov./Dec. 2021, page 84 or Connecting People With Nature Through Architecture

DJArchitects 970-925-3444, July/Aug. 2021, page 200 or An Aspen Home With Magnificent Views

Demesne Architects 970-920-3331 Nov./Dec. 2020, page 126 or A Luxe Log Cabin With Never-Ending Views

Eigelberger Architecture and Design 970-300-3423 July/Aug. 2021, page 180 or This Home Sits in an Aspen Forest

Forum Phi 970-279-4157 2021 HOME OF THE YEAR Nov./Dec. 2021, page 154 or 2021 Home of the Year: Pure Poetry

Galambos Architects 970-429-1286 July/Aug. 2021, page 110 or A Sublime Alpine Backyard Makeover

Green Line Architects 970-963-6689 Nov./Dec. 2021, page 180 or A Charming Aspen Home With Mountain Views

Hagman Architects 970-379-5521

Harry Teague Architects 970-927-4862

KA Designworks 970-948-9510

Lea Sisson Architect 970-925-1224

Lipkin Warner 970-927-8473

Manchester Architects 970-923-4411

Mata Design Company 970-274-6011

Menendez Architects 970-544-4851

MHK Architecture & Planning 970-710-2813

Michael Fuller Architects 970-927-6620

Poss Architecture & Planning 970-925-4755 Legacy Award Winner 2020 Home of the Year Nov./Dec. 2020, page 112 or 2020 Home of the Year: Dazzle Us

Sinclair Building Architecture Design 970-925-4269

Rowland + Broughton Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design 970-544-9006 Women in Architecture August 2020, page 92 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Sarah Broughton

Studio B Architecture + Interiors 970-920-9428

Theodore K. Guy Associates 970-927-3167

Z Group Architects 970-925-1371 Nov./Dec. 2019, page 154 or A Home That Melds With its Stunning Mountain Backdrop

Zone 4 Architects 970-429-8470


Arch11 303-546-6868

Barrett Studio Architects 303-449-1141

David A. Beal & Associates

Fänas Architecture 303-444-5380

Folwell Studios Architecture 720-334-1168

Gettliffe Architecture 303-449-9155

HMH Architecture + Interiors 303-444-8488 March/April 2021, page 82 or Into the Woods: 4 Stunning Open Kitchens: In Plain Sight

KGA Studio Architects 303-442-5882

Mosaic Architects & Interiors 303-247-1100

MQ Architecture & Design 720-565-3929

Stillwater Architecture 720-441-7460

Breckenridge/Copper/ Frisco/Keystone

Allen-Guerra Architecture 970-453-7002

Arapahoe Architects 970-453-8474

BHH Partners Planners/Architects 970-453-6880

Stais Architecture & Interiors 970-453-0444

Crested Butte

Coburn Partners 970-349-1366 July 2019, page 106 or A Crested Butte Home on the River

Daniel J. Murphy Architect 970-349-1200 Sept./Oct. 2021, page 146 or 7 Powder Rooms With Pow: Smoke and Mirrors

SHM Architects 970-713-0700

Sunlit Architecture 970-349-5311

Denver Area

Architectural Workshop 303-788-1717

Blueline Architects 970-376-2052

Earl Anderson Architects 720-529-8828

Mandil 303-892-5805 March/April 2021, page 86

Michael Perez Architect 303-688-7948

OZ Architecture 303-861-5704

Ruggles Mabe Studio 303-355-2460

Tomecek Studio Architecture 303-955-0562 July 2020, page 63 or At Home in a Helicopter Studio


Outpost Architects 720-505-5989

Tucker Johnson Architects 720-512-5922


Feather & Gill Architects 970-375-2195

Steve Gates Architect 970-259-0726


TKP Architects 303-278-8840


Eggers Architecture 970-724-3411 July 2020, page 122 or A Reconfigured and Sophisticated Edwards Home

Steamboat Springs/Hayden

Axial Arts Architecture 970-276-7295 Sept./Oct. 2019, page 144 or Endless Summer

Gerber Berend Design Build 970-879-1725 Nov./Dec. 2020, page 142 orA Vintage A-Frame, Reimagined

Kelly & Stone Architects 970-875-0590 July 2020, page 114 or A Modern Mountain Homes With a Bit of Glam

Michael J.K. Olsen, Architects 970-870-1584

Steamboat Architectural Associates 970-879-0819

Vertical Arts Architecture 970-871-0056 Women in Architecture August 2020, page 120 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien

Wagner Design Studios 970-846-0905

workshopL Architecture 970 875 4512

Telluride/Pagosa Springs

Bercovitz Design Architects 970-728-4555

Courtney King Studios 970-946-9410 Sept./Oct. 2020, page 122 or A Rustic Colorado Ranch, Reborn

E Cummings Architect 970-728-8177

FUSE Architecture & Interior 970-728-0841

Narcis Tudor Architects 970-708-4983

One Architects 970-728-8877

Sante Architects 970-728-6102

Tommy Hein Architects 970-728-1220 March/April 2019, page 110 or A Historic Telluride Victorian is Reinvented Sept./Oct. 2021, page 142 or 7 Powder Rooms With Pow: Set in Stone

Trulinea Architects 970-708-1445

Winter Park/Granby

Munn Architecture 970-887-9366

Vail/Beaver Creek/ Avon/Edwards/Eagle

Berglund Architects 970-926-4301

Current Architects 970-331-6345

Gies Architects 970-328-9280

Judge + Associates 970-949-7034 Nov./Dec. 2019, page 162 or This Dog-Friendly Home Is Elegant & Fun

K.H. Webb Architects 970-477-2990 Nov./Dec. 2020, page 134 or This Vail Home is Both Glam & Masculine

Martin Manley Architects 970-328-5151 May/June 2020, page 86 or A Colorado Mountain Home With Farmhouse Flavor

Pierce Architects 970-476-6342

RKD Architects 970-926-2622 Women in Architecture August 2020, page 88 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Sally Brainerd

RMT Architects 970-949-0916

Segerberg Mayhew Architects 970-476-4433

Shepherd Resources 970-949-3302

Sipes Architects 970-236-1519

Tom Cole Architecture 970-401-3066 August 2020, page 108 or A Colorado Mountain Home Makeover

Suman Architects 970-479-7502

TAB Associates 970-766-1470

Zehren & Associates 970-949-0257


Coeur d’Alene

Eric Hedlund Design 208-755-7910 May/June 2021, page 130 or A Modern Farmhouse Overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene

Sun Valley/Hailey/Ketchum

Anderson Architecture 208-726-6054

Architect Susan Desko 208-726-0155

De Reus Architects 208-928-7750

Jarvis Group 208-726-4031

Mark Pynn Architect 208-622-4656

McLaughlin & Associates Architects 208-726-9392 Legacy Award Winner May/June 2019, page 138 or Set in Stone

Michael Doty Associates, Architects 208-726-4228

RLB Architectura 208-726-5608

Scape Design Studio 208-720-9714

Williams Partners Architects 208-726-0020


Hendricks Architecture 208-265-4001

Sayler Owens Kerr Design Studio 208-265-9160

Designed as a “kind of glass house,” this Big Sky home offers incredible views of Lone Peak, Spanish Peaks and the Pioneer Mountains. Locati Architects oriented the rustic-yet-refined home to capture the multiple mountain views from as many rooms as possible. The resulting retreat offers endless vistas and ample room for visiting friends and family. | Photo by Gibeon Photography


Big Sky/Bozeman/ Livingston/Billings

45 Architecture 406-577-2345 March/April 2021, page 142 or An Empty Nester’s Bozeman Abode

Bitnar Architects 406-587-1983

Brechbuhler Architects 406-522-0369 May/June 2018, page 96 or A Mountain House With a Veterinarian Twist

Centre Sky Architecture 406-995-7572 Jan./Feb. 2019, page 150 or Slope-Side Living in Montana Jan./Feb. 2022, page 190

Cushing Terrell (formerly CTA Architects) 406-248-7455 July 2019, page 138 or Down by the River

Dan Joseph Architects 406-600-2284

Design Partnership 406-587-3434

Ensitio Design & Architecture 406-209-8330

Faure Halvorsen Architects 406-587-1204 Jan./Feb. 2020, page 180 or A Hillside Aerie Just Outside of Bozeman

High Plains Architects 406-896-0250

JLF Architects 406-587-8888 Legacy Award Winner Women in Architecture Jan./Feb. 2020, page 128 or A Wyoming Vacation Home With Custom Upgrades Sept./Oct. 2021, page 98 or Taking Root in a Home Along the Snake River Jan./Feb. 2022, page 190

Jonathan Foote Architect 406-223-7899 Sept./Oct. 2021, page 160 or An Old-World Homestead Built for Modern-Day Entertaining

Locati Architects 406-587-1139 Legacy Award Winner Jan./Feb. 2021, page 136 or A Serene Montana Retreat Made for Aprés-Ski

LTS Architecture 406-333-0533

Miller-Roodell Architects 406-551-6950 Legacy Award Winner Jan./Feb. 2020, page 172 or Happy Trails Sept./Oct. 2021, page 190 or An Elegant and Rustic Montana Home

Pearson Design Group 406-587-1997 2019 Home of the Year Nov./Dec. 2019, page 132 or 2019 Home of the Year: Alpine Chalet Chic July/Aug. 2021, page 190 or A Mountainside Aerie Near Red Lodge, Montana Sept./Oct. 2021, page 170 or Three Generations Come Together in a Rustic Montana Home

Reid Smith Architects 406-587-2597 Jan./Feb. 2020, page 156 or A Cozy, Minimalist Home in Big Sky

SMA Architects 406-219-2216 August 2020, page 116 or The Rustic Farmhouse of Their Dreams

Studio Architects 406-586-4777

Studio H Design 406-587-9968 July 2019, page 122 or Upcycle Chic March/April 2021, page 84 or Into the Woods: 4 Stunning Open Kitchens: Transitional & Textural Sept./Oct. 2021, page 136 or 7 Powder Rooms With Pow: A Room With a View

Studio Ryker 406-220-1099 Women in Architecture August 2020, page 90 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Lori Ryker

Yellowstone Architects 406-579-8450


Altius Design Group 406-862-7373 March/April 2021, page 124 or A Modern Mountain Masterpiece in Whitefish

Fullerton Architects 406-837-1550 Jan./Feb. 2020, page 164 or Montana High Style July/Aug. 2021, page 120 or A Lakeside Pavilion Perfect for a Party

Phillips Architecture & Planning 406-407-0247

Missoula/Columbia Falls

MMW Architects 406-543-5800 May/June 2019, page 130 or Redux Farmhouse

Paradigm 3 Architecture 406-549-6120

The Copper Mountain home with agrarian roots and industrial touches was designed by PLAAD for a family of ski racers. The architects tackled the land’s trapezium shape by creating a barn-shaped structure and breaking it in half. Wood and stone give the house warmth. | Photo by Vondelinde


Lake Tahoe/Truckee

Dale Cox Architects 530-550-9144

Dennis E. Zirbel Architect 530-582-8979 May/June 2020, page 112 or A Historic Lake Tahoe Home, Restored

Faulkner Architects 530-582-7400

JLS Design 530-587-5232

Marsden Architects 970-846-0321

Nicholas J. Kromydas, Architect 530-525-5831

Ryan Group Architects 530-587-3800 July 2019, page 114 of The Ultimate Mountain Home for a Bay Area Family

The Sandbox Studio 530-583-8822 August 2019, page 138 or A Home With Lakeside Allure March/April 2021, page 135 or A Roomy Vacation Home Built for Family Gatherings

Todd Gordon Mather Architect 530-414-4662 August 2020, page 52 or At Home in an A-Frame

Walton Architecture + Engineering 530-583-3690 Women in Architecture July 2020, page 104 or Rooms With a View

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning 530-587-3859 Jan./Feb. 2021, page 152 or Before: Pure Cowboy | After: Urbane Contemporary

The homeowners of this Lake Tahoe getaway believe “the more, the merrier,” so they asked Architecture Allure to create a home that would comfortably accommodate visiting family and friends. The result is a roomy, classic Tahoe-style home with a modern twist: two steep-pitched gable forms as organizing features and a natural materials palette of cedar and stone. | Photo by Lindsay Salazar


Park City/Deer Valley/Salt Lake City

Bridgwater Consulting Group 435-333-4580

Costantino Grandjacquet Architect 435-655-3811

Denton House 801-333-8156

Design Collective West 385-233-0591

Jaffa Group 435-615-6873

Lacroix Design 435-602-9014

Lloyd Architects 801-328-3245

Otto/Walker Architects 435-649-6373

Park City Architecture 435-649-7601

Sparano + Mooney Architecture 801-746-0234 Women in Architecture August 2020, page 84 or 2020 Women in Architecture: Anne Mooney May/June 2021, page 86 or A Modern Take on the Iconic American Farmhouse

Upwall Design Architects 801-485-0708



Bohlin Cywinski Jackson 206-256-0862

Cutler Anderson Architects 206-842-4710

Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture 425-828-3081

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer (formerly Bosworth Hoedemaker) 206-545-8434

Krannitz Gehl Architects 206-547-823

Miller Hull Partnership 206-682-6837

MW Works Architecture & Design 206-352-7319

Olson Kundig Architects 206-624-5670

Prentice + Balance + Wickline Architects 206-283-9930

SHED 206-320-8700

Stephenson Design Collective 206-632-7703

Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design 206-930-5147

Suyama Peterson Deguchi 206-256-0809


Uptic Studios 509-850-3698 March/April 2021, page 59 or A Retreat Perched on the Shore of Whitefish Lake

This Jackson home was created from a 19th-century barn, shipped from upstate New York’s Mohawk River Valley. Goss says of the homeowner’s request, “Fundamentally he was asking me to take a 200-year-old barn and create his family home around it.” The exterior is 100-percent reclaimed hemlock and pine, and the home overlooks a pond that holds water year-round. | Photo by Tuck Fauntleroy


Jackson/Teton Village

A43 Architecture 307-200-1790 March/April 2020, page 140 or A Cozy Home Inspired by Love at First Sight

Berlin Architects 307-733-5697

CLB Architects 307-733-4000 2018 Home of the Year July 2020, page 94 or A Destination for Friends & Family at the Base of the Grand Tetons May/June 2021, page 138 or This Jackson Hole Home is Cozy and Colorful Sept./Oct. 2021, page 62 or Homes That are In Tune With Nature Sept./Oct. 2021, page 138 or 7 Powder Rooms With Pow: Pretty Smart

Design Associates Architects 307-733-3600

Dubbe Moulder Architects 307-733-9551

Dynia Architects 307-733-3766

Eliot Goss Architect 307-413-6837 Sept./Oct. 2021, page 182 or A Rustic, 19th-Century Hay Barn—Revived

Farmer Payne Architects 307-264-0080

Hawtin Jorgensen Architects 307-733-4364

Northworks 307-201-5324 August 2019, page 152 or A Custom Home in Jackson With Roots in the Past

Vera Iconica Architecture 307-201-1642 Nov./Dec. 2021, page 168 or A Jackson Home Transformed Into a Regal Retreat

Ward + Blake Architects 307-733-6867 Sept./Oct. 2021, page 87


Dan Stalker Architect 307-752-9708 Sept./Oct 2019 page 128 or Bunkhouse Style

Defined by materials like stucco, cedar and porcelain, the modernist duplex by Brandon Architects features cantilevered forms that hover over the picturesque property along the White River National Forest in Vail, Colorado. At night the home glows like a lantern. | Photo by Katie Harmon

Additional Top Architects with Work in Mountain Territories


Costa Mesa

Brandon Architects 714-754-4040 Jan./Feb. 2021, page 144 or A Sleek and Modern Ski Retreat in Vail

Oakland Mark Becker 510-658-6889 Jan./Feb. 2022, page 182

San Francisco

Architecture Allure 650-208-1204 August 2019, page 130 or A Family-Oriented Tahoe Home



PLAAD 651-336-1393 May/June 2019, page 146 or An Interior Designer’s Colorful Jackson Home


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