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Job Posting -- Architect, Interior Designer

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Job Posting Information

Z Group Architects is looking for a qualified Architectural and Interior Design professionals to join our team! We are hiring Full Time positions with 3-12 years of experience. There are opportunities to work on various project types to expand your skill set.

All inquires and applications, please contact Principal, Scott McHale at

About Z Group Architects

Architecture & Planning 2-10 employees

Founded in 1952, Z Group Architects is proud to be the longest standing architecture firm in Aspen, CO. We are grateful that our legacy, growth, and culture remain steadfast over the decades. It is all thanks to our team and leadership! Their diversity, experience, life experience, and creativity is the driving force of Z Group. We hire intelligent, creative, and passionate professionals who are always learning and teaching. Team members that understand the big picture and communicate effectively.

Our culture encourages, supports, and celebrates each person as a valuable individual contributing to the whole. Collaboration, camaraderie, and positive attitude are at our foundation. There is a dedication to one another, which instills a work-life balance that rings “work hard, play hard”.


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