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Construction Update – Four Roaring Fork Valley Projects In-Progress

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

It’s not uncommon to be working on a wide range of projects at any one time. So we felt it may be illuminating to shine a light into a few projects currently underway. As it’s impossible to choose one project over another, let’s cover some local projects and begin from the top of the valley and work our way down.

The historic Bleeker Street renovation project is coming along wonderfully. Designated as a historic miner’s cabin, it’s experienced a number of changes and remodels over the years. Many of them done by the longtime owners and Aspen Hall of Fame inducted, Hayes Family. Now, with no small amount of dedication to the Historic Preservation Commission approvals, the project is undergoing a major renovation to bring the property back to its original historic feel. Referencing historic photos and interviewing locals that knew the old cabin, we feel we’ve met with some real authenticity. Currently, the home has been raised, put on rails and moved to the back of the lot for excavation. Then the cabin will be moved back over the basement for more excavation. Not a possible square foot was left on the table for this piece of Aspen history. Learn more about the progress of the historic Bleeker Street renovation at here!

The Mountain Laurel Residence is notably unique. Located high in East Aspen, we’ve stepped this 40ft tall home deep into the hillside. It’s a large home on the inside, however, it is nestled into the hillside working with the landscape and conforming to its slope to capitalize on the higher valley views. Indoor/outdoor living is unexpectedly tied into the main floor with the front of the home on an elevated deck. Then it wraps around the living room to a grassy patio. We will be sharing the progress photos of this exciting project. This is a project that is going to progress quickly, be sure to see ourInstagram (@zgrouparchitects) for more updates or click here to learn more!

Last month we shared the progress of the Sopris Lodge Assisted Living Campus and will have more updates to share soon. For those of you that missed the last blog on this project here is a summary: It is an independent and assisted living campus totaling nearly 74,000 square feet. Located just one block off of Main Street in Carbondale, its location is ideal for providing the residences independence and community connection. Downtown Carbondale is an easy walk away. This is essential for residences who have spent their lives in the Roaring Fork Valley and want to keep their families, restaurants, and social organizations in close proximity without the need to drive. The residences have direct access to the Rio Grande Trail for walking or cycling and reaffirms the value of independence. Learn more about the Sopris Lodge Assisted Living Campus here!

Last, but certainly not least, is the new Buffalo Valley Apartment Complex in Glenwood Springs. Many may remember the beloved Buffalo Valley Restaurant. It’s been 15 years or more since it has satisfied the community with great food, but now the site will get a new lease on life serving the community with an additional 54 apartments. Set into a hill with 2 buildings of 4 stories each with basement garden walkout units. We are quite proud to be revitalizing this piece of Glenwood history that can offer the community 47,811 square feet of additional housing. Watch the progress and learn more about the Buffalo Valley Apartment Complex here!

It’s a diverse assortment of projects, each with their own unique qualities. We look forward to sharing the progress with you!

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