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Buck Bar & Kitchen

Aspen, Colorado

Mountain Modern

Hospitality - Restaurant

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Buck Bar and Kitchen is a charming nod to Aspen's past and an energetic vision of its future. Located in Aspen's Core, this vibrant refuge is designed with an insightful attention to detail and a deep respect for the area's rich outdoor culture.

The architectural heart of the project is a beautifully-rendered ski wall - a thoughtful design choice that encapsulates Aspen's passion for alpine adventures. This concept extends to a sizeable, welcoming bar area that perfectly combines form and function to facilitate relaxed, friendly gatherings.

Interior design elements further contribute to the warm, inviting atmosphere. Premier among these is a cherished table – not merely a piece of furniture but a piece of Aspen's history, reclaimed from the famed Red Onion. Complementing this are stunning stained glass windows revived from the iconic Crystal Palace, their vibrant hues lending a sense of timeless charisma to the space.

Adding a touch of organic appeal amidst these classic fixtures is a meticulously crafted stone gabion wall. The contrast between the raw, rugged quality of the stone and the polished, refined setting creates a striking balance, reflecting our ability to marry traditional and contemporary design paradigms.

Brought to life as a below-grade renovation, the Buck Bar and Kitchen exemplifies Z Group's commitment to honoring each space's unique story through mindful architectural and interior design. We invite you to come and experience this harmonious blend of history, culture, and design in Aspen's newest local spot, where every element tells a story.


Interior Design: Z Group Interior Design

MEP Engineering: Bighorn Consulting Engineers

Lighting Designer: LEAX Lighting Design

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