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Kevin Heath

Senior Project Manager


Kevin Heath was born and raised in Colorado, coming from a family of teachers who instilled in him a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. Growing up on 5 acres, Kevin learned the value of caring for others through taking care of animals and completing his chores. In 1986, he achieved the significant Boy Scouts Eagle Rank, further solidifying his commitment to personal growth and development.

With a passion for building and design, Kevin took a drafting class in high school, where he had the opportunity to design a house. This experience fueled his interest in architecture, and he pursued his education at Kansas State University. During his time at KSU, Kevin became the co-editor for the student architectural journal, Oz, and gained practical experience by working in the field. After graduating in 1991, he returned to Colorado and began his architectural career in Basalt.

Kevin's love for the outdoors found a perfect match in the mountains of Basalt, where he enjoyed skiing, mountain biking, camping, and hunting during his four-year tenure there. He even took watercolor and ceramic classes at Colorado Mountain College, further nurturing his artistic side. Seeking new opportunities, he moved back to Ft. Collins and passed the Architecture Registration exam before embarking on a month-long trip to Europe. In the following years, Kevin gained extensive experience in both Ft. Collins and the Roaring Fork Valley, working on a variety of projects including residential, hospitality, restaurants, bars, and schools.

Kevin is excited to bring his expertise, passion for mentorship, and dedication to teamwork to the table. He looks forward to collaborating with the new team, sharing his experiences, and continuing to learn and grow alongside them. With his strong work ethic, diverse project background, and genuine interest in helping others succeed, Kevin is well-equipped to make a positive impact in his role as an architect and team mentor.

Beyond his professional and volunteer commitments, Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping, finding joy in the challenges and connections that nature provides. Whether it's exploring the wilderness solo or enjoying these activities with his wife and two children, Kevin values the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors and create lasting memories with loved ones.


Kansas State University

Bachelor of Architecture, 1991


Licensed Architect, Colorado

Community Affiliations

Scoutmaster for Basalt/Carbondale Troop

Cubmaster for son's Cub Scout Pack, 2017-2019

Daughter's Middle School Soccer Coach, 2016-2017

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