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Past Residential Projects

Immerse yourself in seven decades of captivating residential designs crafted by Z Group Architecture & Interior Design. Nestled amidst the scenic Western Slope of Colorado and reaching out internationally, our designs have resonated with hundreds of homeowners and gathered appreciative acclaim.

We don't just design homes; we stitch your stories and dreams into the architectural fabric, making every creation unique and personal. Whether developing new estates or breathing fresh life into existing ones, our award-winning approach ensures each project radiates warmth, functionality, and timeless elegance.

Step into this remarkable journey of transformation and discovery. Explore our rich portfolio of past residential projects and witness the harmonious blend of nature, thoughtful design, and human stories.

Barclay Residence Renovation Addition - Basalt, CO
Barnard Residence - Cordillera, CO
Bass Residence - Vail, CO
Berger Residence - Missouri Heights, CO
Berger Residence Addition - Starwood, Aspen, CO
Berger Residence - Snowmass, CO
Bidwell Residence - Aspen, CO
Bingham Residence - Aspen, CO
Blackwell Residence - Aspen, CO
Buttermilk / Belotti Residence - Aspen, CO
Burwell Residence Renovation Addition - Snowmass, CO
Cain Residence - Snowmass, CO
Castle Creek Residence - Aspen, CO
Caudill Residence - Aspen, CO
Chamberlain Residence - Aspen, CO
Clow Residence - Aspen, CO
Davis Cabin - Reudi, Meredith, CO
Durrance Residence - Aspen, CO
Farrey Residence - Aspen, CO
Farver Residence - Aspen, CO
Feild Residence - Aspen, CO
Fischer Residence - Redstone, CO
Furman Residence Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Furman Residence Addition - Aspen, CO
Gann Residence - Carbondale, CO
Garrity Residence - Snowmass, CO
Gordon Residence Renovation Addition - Snowmass, CO
Gustafson Residence - Snowmass, CO
Henderson Residence - Glenwood Springs, CO
Hodges Residence - Aspen, CO
Houston Residence - Aspen, CO
Jacks Residence - Snowmass, CO
Lane Residence - Aspen, CO
Layton Residence - Pagosa Springs, CO
Mason Residence - Aspen, CO
Mathias residence - Aspen, CO
McGill Residence - Snowmass, CO
Morningstar Residence - Aspen, CO
Noda Residence - Japan
Pastore Residence - Aspen, CO
Papper Residence - Aspen, CO
Papst Residence - Old Snowmass, CO
Perry Residence - Carbondale, CO
Podhurst Residence Renovation Addition - Aspen, CO
Price Residence - Carbondale, CO
Randall Residence - Aspen, CO
Riggs-Long residence - Snowmass, CO
Ross Residence - Basalt, CO
RR IV Residence - Snowmass, CO
Schweppe Guest House and Pool - Basalt, CO
Shiffman Residence - Snowmass, CO
Shield O Mesa - Aspen, CO
Sinclair Residence - Brush Creek, CO
Special Residence Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Snowmass Residence - Snowmass, CO
Stranahan Residence - Woody Creek, CO
Stroock Residence - Aspen, CO
Stranahan Residence - Woody Creek, CO
Surnow Residence - Snowmass, CO
Truscott Residence - Snowmass, CO
Tomiura Homes - Japan
Vandemoer Residence - Sterling, CO
Viersen Residence - Aspen, CO
Walters Residence - Aspen, CO
Wasserman Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Wolf Residence - Snowmass, CO

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