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Past Multi-Family + Mixed Use Projects

Z Group Architects has 70 years of experience designing multi-family and mixed use architecture in the Western Slope of Colorado and Internationally. We have created award winning architectural design, interior design, and master planning for thousands of units in new and renovated hotels, condominiums, student and affordable housing, mixed use and multi-family dwellings.

● 1,000+ condominiums and townhome units 

● 1,000+ hotel units

● 1,000+ college student residence units

● 250+ residential apartments

● 100+ employee housing units

● 150+ senior living units

Alpineblick Condominiums - Aspen, CO
Alpine Grove - Aspen, CO
Aspen Cooperative Housing Complex - Aspen, CO
Avenue Condominiums - Aspen, CO
Chateau Eau Claire, Addition Renovation - Aspen, CO
Chateau Roaring Fork, Addition Renovation - Aspen, CO
Common Grounds Affordable Housing - Aspen, CO
Enclave Condominiums, Addition Renovation and New Units - Snowmass, CO
Fasching Haus Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Hotel - Glenwood Springs, CO
Hotel Jerome - Aspen, CO
Hunter Creek Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Interlude Condominiums, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Le Clairvaux Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Mountain Chalet - Snowmass, CO
Onjuku Resort Hotel - Japan
Onjuku Resort Condominiums and Townhomes - Japan
Park Central West Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Shadowbrook - Snowmass, CO
Silvertree Hotel - Snowmass, CO
Snowmass Mountain Condominiums, Renovation - Snowmass, Co
Sonnenblick Townhomes - Snowmass, CO
Stonebridge Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Stonebridge Inn Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Snowflake Apartments - Aspen, CO
Steamboat 60 Condominiums - Steamboat, CO
Tamarack Townhomes, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Thompson Corner - Carbondale, CO
Timberline Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Timbers Club - Snowmass, CO
Top of the Village, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Ute City Place Employee Housing Complex - Aspen, CO
Willows Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Woodbridge Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Woodrun Place Condominiums -Snowmass, CO
Woodrun Place Townhomes -Snowmass, CO

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