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Past Multi-Family & Mixed Use Projects

With an over 70-year legacy in designing multi-family and mixed-use architecture, Z Group Architectures & Interior Deaign has continually brought life to beautiful spaces in Western Slope of Colorado, and across international borders. Our award-honored expertise extends to creating enchanting residential environments and community spaces, from new constructions to artfully renovated spaces. Our journey has seen us designing:

• Over 1,000 condominiums and townhome units, shaping community living with personality and verve.

• More than 1,000 hotel units, merging comfort with unrivalled aesthetics.

• Over 1,000 student residence units, forging vibrant living-learning communities.

• 250+ residential apartments that meld form and functionality.

• Over 100 employee housing units, promoting a work-life balance through thoughtful design.

• Above 150 senior living units, ensuring comfortable and accessible environments for the golden years.

Explore our diverse portfolio for a deeper look at our creative journey, and perhaps inspire the next chapter of your own architectural story.

Alpineblick Condominiums - Aspen, CO
Alpine Grove - Aspen, CO
Aspen Cooperative Housing Complex - Aspen, CO
Avenue Condominiums - Aspen, CO
Chateau Eau Claire, Addition Renovation - Aspen, CO
Chateau Roaring Fork, Addition Renovation - Aspen, CO
Common Grounds Affordable Housing - Aspen, CO
Enclave Condominiums, Addition Renovation and New Units - Snowmass, CO
Fasching Haus Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Hotel - Glenwood Springs, CO
Hotel Jerome - Aspen, CO
Hunter Creek Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Interlude Condominiums, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Le Clairvaux Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Mountain Chalet - Snowmass, CO
Onjuku Resort Hotel - Japan
Onjuku Resort Condominiums and Townhomes - Japan
Park Central West Condominiums, Renovation - Aspen, CO
Shadowbrook - Snowmass, CO
Silvertree Hotel - Snowmass, CO
Snowmass Mountain Condominiums, Renovation - Snowmass, Co
Sonnenblick Townhomes - Snowmass, CO
Stonebridge Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Stonebridge Inn Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Snowflake Apartments - Aspen, CO
Steamboat 60 Condominiums - Steamboat, CO
Tamarack Townhomes, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Thompson Corner - Carbondale, CO
Timberline Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Timbers Club - Snowmass, CO
Top of the Village, Renovation - Snowmass, CO
Ute City Place Employee Housing Complex - Aspen, CO
Willows Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Woodbridge Condominiums - Snowmass, CO
Woodrun Place Condominiums -Snowmass, CO
Woodrun Place Townhomes -Snowmass, CO

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