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Past Hospitality Projects

Z Group Architects has 70 years of experience designing hospitality architecture in the Western Slope of Colorado and Internationally. We produce award winning architectural services for design, development, and construction of hundreds for new and renovated hospitality projects.

● Commercial & Retail Buildings

● Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities 

● Medical & Health Care Facilities

● Hospitals & Clinics

● Performance Centers

● Conference Centers

● Community Centers    

● Spas & Health Clubs

● Pools & Bathhouses

● Hotels & Resorts   

● Inns & Lodges

● Restaurants

Aspen Clinic Building, Addition – Aspen, CO
Aspen Clinic and Professional Building – Aspen, CO
Aspen Highlands Resort Base Village, Master Plan – Aspen, CO
Aspen Kitchen, Restaurant - Aspen, CO
Aspen Medical Care Clinic - Aspen, CO
Aspen Performance Center Complex – Aspen, CO
Aspen Skiing Company, Building Addition – Aspen, CO
Aspen Skiing Company, Fort Frog at Buttermilk Ski Area – Aspen, CO
Aspen Skiing Company, Up 4 Pizza – Aspen, CO
Aspen Sports, Retail Building – Aspen, CO
Aspen Valley Hospital, Construction Administration – Aspen, CO
Bacchus Wine Bar, Interior Remodel – Aspen, CO
BFI Regional Corporate Headquarters – Denver, CO
Carbondale Municipal Swimming Pool and Bathhouse – Carbondale, CO
Clagettt Memorial Hospital, Renovation – Rifle, CO
Colorado Mountain College Office, Renovation – Aspen, CO
Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home – Rifle, CO
David Burke Kitchen Restaurant – Aspen, CO
El Dorado Hotel, Renovation – Snowmass, CO
First National Bank Building – Aspen, CO
First national Bank, Addition, Drive-Up, and Remodel – Glenwood Springs, CO
Gateway Retail Complex – Snowmass, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge and Hotel - Glenwood Springs, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Health Club and Historic Renovation - Glenwood Springs, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Corporate Office - Glenwood Springs, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge and Pool, Site Analysis & Parking Masterplan - Glenwood Springs, CO
Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Lobby, Addition and Renovation - Glenwood Springs, CO
Golf and Theme Water Resort, Theme Park and Gaming Complex – Hualien City, Taiwan
Grand Junction Recreation Center, Study – Grand Junction, CO
Grand River Hospitality, Feasibility Study and Concept Design – Rifle, CO
Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant, Addition and Renovation – Snowmass, CO
High Valley Community Center – Del Norte, CO
Hotel Jerome, Historic Renovation – Aspen, CO
Limelight Lodge and Hotel, South Expansion – Aspen, CO
Ikema Island Resort Marine and Hotels, Visitor and Environmental Center Master Plan – Okinawa-Ken, Japan
Inn at Aspen, Renovation – Aspen, CO
Kakumaru Kensetsu Office Building – Tokyo, Japan
Kanozan (The Source) Resort at “Mother Farm”, Master Plan – Boso Peninsula, Japan
Kremmling Memorial Hospital – Kremmling, CO
Lake Las Vegas Village Townhomes, Master Plan – Las Vegas, NV
Little Annie Ski Area, Upper Building Complex – Aspen, CO
Meeker Municipal Swimming Pool and Bathhouse – Meeker, CO
Mine Company Restaurant, Renovation - Aspen CO
Mountain Bell Business Office, Renovation – Glenwood Springs, CO
Naganuma Village of Social Welfare and Culture, Master Plan – Kokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Northfork Swimming Pool and Bathhouse – Hotchkiss, CO
Novie Veshkie Community Center – Moscow, Russia
Onjuku (Buena Vista) Marine Resort, Master Plan – Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Phoenix Park Resort, Ski and 4-Season Resort Complex - Kang Won Province, Korea
Pitkin County Courthouse, Annex Renovation – Aspen, CO
Pitkin County Health and Human Resources Building – Aspen, CO
Pitkin County Hospital – Aspen, CO
Red Arrow Motel – Montrose, CO
Silvertree Hotel, Renocation – Snowmass Village, CO
Silvertree Hotel Complex, Site Analysis & Program Development - Snowmass Village, CO
Silvertree Plaza Retail Building – Snowmass Village, CO
Shimukappu Town, Community Center – Shimukappu Township, Japan
Shimukappu Town, Master Plan – Shimukappu Township, Japan
Snowmass Clinic – Snowmass, CO
Snowmass Village Core, Redevelopment Master Plan – Snowmass Village, CO
Snowmass Village Conference Center – Snowmass, CO
Snowmass Village Mall, Reconstruction – Snowmass, CO
Sopris Lodge at Carbondale, Senior Assisted and Independent Living Facility - Carbondale, CO
Stonebridge Inn Conference Facilities, Addition – Snowmass, CO
Stonesoap Office Building, Addition and Renovation – Detroit, MI
Timberline Building and People-Mover Station, Renovation – Snowmass, CO
Timberline Retail and Restaurant Complex – Snowmass, CO
Tomiura Homes – Chiba-Ken, Japan
Tongkah Harbour Center, Marine and Mixed-Use Development – Phuket Island, Thailand
U.S. Bank, Main Floor Renovation – Aspen, CO
U.S. Bank, Connecting Link and Addition – Aspen, CO
Uncompahgre Medical Center, Addition – Norwood, CO
Vail Medical Clinic – Vail, CO
Zonafranca Office Park, Master Plan – Montevideo, Uruguay

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