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Hayes House

Aspen, Colorado - West End

Mountain Modern with Historic Victorian Form


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Single, Hayes House: Projects


The Hayes House is located on Bleeker Street in Aspen, Colorado's West-End. It is a renovation and addition project that keeps the historic Hayes family cabin design in mind. Designated as a historic miner’s cabin, it’s experienced a number of changes and remodels over the years. Many of them done by the longtime owners and Aspen Hall of Fame inducted, Hayes Family.


Now, with no small amount of dedication to the Historic Preservation Commission approvals, the project is undergoing a major renovation to bring the property back to its original historic feel. Referencing historic photos and interviewing locals that knew the old cabin, we feel we’ve met with some real authenticity. Currently, the home has been raised, put on rails and moved to the back of the lot for excavation. Then the cabin will be moved back over the basement for more excavation. Not a possible square foot was left on the table for this piece of Aspen history.


2 Unit Duplex on 0.138 acres


Unit A (historic cabin renovation)

1 story with full basement

open floor plan
2,147 square feet

2 bedrooms and bunk room

2 bathrooms / 2 powder rooms

entertainment room

2 car tandem garage

on-grade outdoor space / deck / patio

traditional pitched roof

Unit B (addition)

2 stories with full basement

open floor plan

5,730.5 square feet

5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms / 2 powder rooms

entertainment room

wine room

fitness / gym

spa / hot tub

elevated outdoor space / deck / patio

2 car garage

traditional pitched roof


Structural Engineer: Albright Engineering

Civil Engineer: Justine Yarnell

MEP Engineer: REG

Surveyor: Peak Surveying

Contractor: Steeplechase Construction

Structural Mover: Bailey House Movers

Interior Designer: Cherie Storm (Z Group Architects) and Kerry Joyce

Landscape Architect: Connect One Design

Windows: Reveal Windows, MHB, Jeldwen Windows

Technology Integration: Paragon

Solar: SunSense

Single, Hayes House: Pro Gallery
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