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Historic Hallam Renovation

Aspen, Colorado - West End

Mountain Modern with Traditional Victorian Exterior Form

Single-Family Residence



Hallam Historic Renovation is a single-family Victorian renovation addition of a historic residence located in Aspen, Colorado's coveted West End neighborhood.


3,000 square feet
1 story front / 2 story rear
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms / 2 powder rooms
1 car garage
spa / hot tub
entertainment room
see through fireplace
historic brick


Contractor: Koru Construction

Structural Mover: Bailey House Moving

Structural Engineering: Evolve Structural Design

Civil Engineering: Roaring Fork Engineers

MEP Engineering: Big Horn Engineering

Surveyor: Peak Survey

Landscape Architect: Land Design 39

Interior Design: Marshall Erb

Technology Integration: Paragon

Solar: SunSense

Windows: Loewen Windows

Cabinets: Benchcraft 

Fireplace: Steller