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Fort Frog, Aspen Skiing Company

Aspen, Colorado - Buttermilk Ski Area



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Located on Buttermilk Ski Area and sitting at 9,600’, Fort Frog is a completely rebuilt with bigger and bolder esthetic than the original fort that burnt down several years ago. Designed as a Ski School destination for kids, Fort Frog now has three towers and a high observation deck equipped with a state-of-the-art snowball making defense system (aka. snowball sling-shot). A swinging bridge connects two towers to access the hidden slide within the third tower. A warming hut keeps the copious amounts of candy at the optimum temperature for maximum satisfaction. The Fort Frog jail is for those who miss behaving but offers a conveniently located escape route. There is even an office to check in and a mail station for kids to write home after your fortnight stint.


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