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By April 24, 2019

At Z-Group Architects, we have a great deal of respect for our clients. Whether we are designing a family home, multi-family development, health care facility, or a neighborhood recreation center, we feel privileged to make your dream project a reality. For one such client, the Aspen Skiing Company, it is no different. From the interior

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By March 28, 2019

Z-Group Architects is a direct outgrowth of Caudill Gustafson and Associates, Architects, who opened shop in Aspen back in 1952. We have been part of weaving the fabric of Aspen’s heritage and landscape since. Including, but not limited to, their historic touch to the Hotel Jerome. When Jerome Wheeler, co-owner of Macy’s, came to the

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By December 19, 2017

This residence has been one of many fun projects we’ve been working on over the past 6 months!  The property is located right in Aspen’s Core and has an old Historical Miner’s Cabin built in the late 1800s.  The property was purchased for $23 back in 1887 to the gentleman who owned Aspen’s General Store.  In the 1970’s

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